Scraper floor mats

Scraper floor mats are essentials tools in places with heavy people traffic, like restaurants, hospitals, etc. because this kind of mats can collect all dirt and moist from shoes, making easier to keep places clean and tidy.
These mats have little loops and ridges that simply retain dirt and mud from shoes, trapping it in the interior. Made in resistant vinyl or rubber, these mats are weather resistant, supports medium to heavy traffic and maintenance & care can’t be simplier: just shaken or hosed down is enough to take out all dirt. These features makes scraper floor mats perfect to be placed in entrance of any building or home.
Scraper floor mats are available in a huge variety of size, forms, colors and patterns. Also, it’s possible to print your own logo on it, having the double benefit of cleaning and advertising. If you make a combination of good quality outdoor, indoor carpet mats and a carpet scrap, the cleanliness from interiors will be easier and simple.

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