does male extra work?

For most people, the ability to perform sexually can come naturally. Others need to experiment and do a little or a lot of trial and error before they finally can call themselves great performers. However, as you grow older and succumb to the many stressors in life, you may find yourself lacking in bed. Stamina is an important part of a great sexual experience. If you feel like you are lacking in endurance somehow, here are ways to help improve your sexual performance.
Pay Attention to Muscles in your Groin
If you are afraid to try epic sexual positions because of possible muscle fatigue in your groin area in the morning, you can use a little stretching. Regular stretching will strengthen your groin muscles, prepare it for any position imaginable, and prevent post-coital muscle pain.
Strengthen Arm Muscles
This may not have occurred to you but a toned upper body is actually important for sexual endurance, especially if you like to do all the action while on top. The key here is to keep your arms toned and strengthened true occasional weight lifting.
Improve Cardiac Strength
Before you come running for the blue pill at the first sign of erectile dysfunction, find out how you can improve blood circulation first. Erectile dysfunction is often a sign of possible anomalies in your heart and blood vessels. Talk to your doctor how you can improve cardiac strength and blood circulation. Chances are erection will improve as well.
Minimize Alcohol Intake
Alcohol may have been an aphrodisiac in your youth but it can become a great “downer” once you start to age. Limit your alcohol intake to one serving per day and try replacing your typical beer with red wine.  A glass of red wine will put you in the mood without bringing you down.
Employ A Relaxed Mind
If you allow it, stress will accompany you to the bedroom and ruin a possibly exciting encounter. Learn to leave your preoccupations at the door, or at least while you are in the process of being intimate, by focusing on the act and the person you are doing it with.
Be Confident
Having insecurities, whether physically or emotionally, can manifest in bed. You don’t have to be narcissistic but you do have to be confident about yourself and trust in your ability to perform.
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