A Kiwi Expat In The UK

Kiwi is the nickname used to refer to the citizens of New Zealand. This name also refers to a flightless bird found only in New Zealand. New Zealanders use the kiwi as a symbol for their uniqueness just like the bird that is very rare in the world. Kiwis in the United Kingdom are residents of UK that originally came from New Zealand. The term expats then refer to expatriates meaning that kiwi expats are New Zealand expatriates residing in the United Kingdom.
Kiwi expats for a long time have been struggling to be part and parcel of the general elections in New Zealand just like other kiwis. This feeling of patriotism is what resulted to the formation of the Expatriate Party of New Zealand. This political party had the motive of getting rid of the ban of voting by kiwi expats. New Zealand laws prohibit any citizen who has been overseas for more than three years to participate in the general elections. The party also has members from the United Kingdom specifically in London whereby it intends to get good kiwi expats that can provide good leadership in New Zealand.
New Zealanders in the United Kingdom have strong bonds with other kiwis in New Zealand. This is so as these kiwi expats are always updated on the current affairs in their home country and they also travel back home a lot during the holidays to go visit their families and friends. Some of these expats also own land in New Zealand and therefore view the United Kingdom as a place of work while New Zealand is seen as their home.
This unwavering love for their origin is what made the kiwi expats to come up with a political party that will fight for their rights and make them be recognized as their fellow kiwis who are not only eligible to vote during general elections but also get social security and health benefits from their New Zealand government. The party though made up of kiwis living in Australia has significant numbers of expat kiwis in London who too share the same vision of the party.
Most kiwi expats found in the United Kingdom are young people who come to look for jobs especially in public service sector, once they have completed their studies. Some of the expatriates reside in the United Kingdom temporarily while others prefer to live there permanently. This is so due to good commonwealth ties that enables the kiwis to get visas so that they can work on Britain without much problem.
New Zealanders who are planning to visit Turkey can apply for australia visa. This is short for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This is so because Australia is a part of the Visa Waiver Program. A fee is charged to use this service and the applicant has to be eligible to apply first so that they are authorized to travel to Australia.
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